Nick Brewer Pens New Column for HuffPost

London-based rapper Nick Brewer is a wordsmith of emotions, delving deep into his personal experiences and relationships to produce heartfelt lyrics on love, loss, loneliness, and connecting to the world. While Brewer has been busy working on new music, most recently a new video for his single “Fall From Here” ft. Naomi Scott, he’s also found the time to voice his thoughts on rap music in a new column for Huffington Post UK. His latest article, titled “Can Rappers Speak About Love and Romance Without Appearing ‘Soft’?” divulges his motives for writing about such personal line items in his life. He concludes

If people see me as ‘soft’ then so be it. I’d rather be seen as soft and honest than seen as hard and a pretender.

If that’s justifying sentimentalism in music, we can definitely get behind it too. Watch “Fall From Here” below, and check out more from Brewer’s column here