Nick Hakim Creates Psychedelic Fantasy Land For “Roller Skates” Video


Brooklyn-based Ones To Watch artist Nick Hakim releases the video for "Roller Skates," the third track off his upcoming album Green Twins. Directed by Micah Buzan, the colorful video follows three animated characters suffering in the face of the unattainable inside a psychedelic roller rink.

Buzan told Pitchfork that he "wanted to tell a simple story about lonely characters who all desire something they can't seem to get - be it love, a stuffed animal, or the ability to skate well." 

The lo-fi tune serves as a melodic soundtrack to the kaleidoscopic visual. In a press release to Pitchfork, Hakim elaborates on the track, "This song's first verse is about a night when I got really stoned at my friend's house and forgot to meet up with my partner. It was pouring rain outside, and when I realized I was late, I biked through Bed-Stuy as fast as I could through the rain to find her but she was gone…. The second verse is about patching it up, not leaving her house for a couple days. It's a love song."

Hakim has released "Roller Skates" and two more tracks off Green Twins, due May 19. Check out the full track list and see Hakim's upcoming tour dates here.

Track List:

01 Green Twins
02 Bet She Looks Like You
03 Roller Skates
04 Needy Bees
06 Cuffed
07 Miss Chew [ft. Jesse and Forever]
08 Farmissplease
09 Those Days [ft. Onyx Collective]
10 Slowly
11 The Want
12 JP