Nilüfer Yanya Says “Thanks 4 Nothing” in Cultish Video


Photo credit: Molly Daniels 

UK Songstress Nilüfer Yanya conveys the dark and devilish in her first single and accompanying video of 2018, "Thanks 4 Nothing." 

Embodying an outdated '70s indie film, intertwined with a sinister cult following,  "Thanks 4 Nothing" echoes the current political climate and the inner failings of a relationship. Nilüfer explains that “Thanks 4 Nothing” is about “drawing a final line under something that should have ended a long time ago. The song shows you can be bitter and grateful about it at the same time.”  

Paired with bluesy guitar riffs Nilüfer Yanya's vocals combine to create a moody masterpiece. As if the crumbling of a relationship has led to the formation of a cult, "Thanks 4 Nothing" is beautifully startling. See the full video for "Thanks 4 Nothing" below: