Nina Nesbitt Poigantly Touches on Lasting Heartbreak in “Colder”


With every new release, Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt beautifully demonstrates why she is the very definition of a genuine pop star in the making. From swaying hearts with her moving vocal ability and poignant lyricism to crafting infectious earworms that touch upon significant personal truths, Nesbitt is an artist with not only star power but lasting power as well. Her latest single, "Colder," serves as a glowing illustration of that notion.

"Colder" is a slow-burning pop number of the most delectable variety. A profoundly vulnerable number that delves into the walls we put up to protect ourselves, Nesbitt moves through the dreamy and delicate soundscape with a nimble sense of confidence and power. The core subject matter at hand is how one deals with emotions following a heartbreak, and while love and heartbreak are nothing new to the world of pop, the way in which Nesbitt addresses the subject is beyond refreshing. Straying away from the tried morose, grandiose heartbreak ballads or the vindictive "look at me now" songs, Nesbitt speaks on the lasting and deeply-personal hurt that stays with you long after a moment betrayal or disappointment. Nesbitt spoke on what inspired "Colder," sharing,

"'Colder' was the last song I wrote for the album. It was written after watching young kids in love and how fearlessly they fall for each other because they've most likely not had their heart broken before. It's a song about the aftermath of that and explaining to someone why you find it hard to open up."

The tender number arrives ahead of Nesbitt's highly-anticipated new album The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change, which is due out Feb. 1, 2019. And if "Colder" is any indication, we are in store for a wellspring of much-needed pop with emotional depth. For those of you who cannot wait any longer to hear Nesbitt's forthcoming album, make sure to catch the rising pop star on her forthcoming North American headlining tour.

Listen to "Colder" below:

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