NIve & JMSN Take Us Back to the Blues Era with “Getaway”  Live in the Studio [PREMIERE]


NIve is already turning heads. With his debut single "Getaway" featuring sultry singer-songwriter and producer JMSN, there's not limit to where NIve can take us with his music.

Taking place in the studio for a stripped and intimate effect, "Getaway" is a blues-infused pop ballad that draws inspiration from classic jazz influences. The keyboard rhythm provides a steady beat while the smooth guitar solo gives the track a clean, stylistic touch. The black and white filtering effect pulls it all together and gives this modern tune a vintage flair. With every word, you can hear the sincerity and honesty behind NIve and JMSN's voices. Supported by the lush backing vocals, both their voices beautifully match and make for an amazing pair. 

Giving us insight on what the track means to him, NIve remarked,

“Music heals me. And singing this song in such a beautiful space with JMSN and such talented musicians left me smiling for days. Filming that performance was such an incredible experience. 'Getaway' is a song about escaping the bitterness that we sometimes experience in life to find the happiness we all deserve. The one message I wanted to convey was that it’s okay to not be okay. Every now and then, you just need to getaway, and that will eventually bring you back to a place where you feel like you belong."

"Getaway" emphasizes the need to find escape from the self-imposed pressures and stigmas of life. We all have our limits and it's important to check in with ourselves and keep our health and sanity in tack.

Starting in South Korea, Australia, and now settled in the United States, NIve has used these collections of experiences to channel his growth as an artist and an individual. The multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer is on a mission to help his listeners slow down, express themselves, and be liberated through his music.