Niya and Lostboycrow Craft a Heartbreak Anthem With a Life of Its Own in “Goodbye”


Songs may be the creation of artists, but a truly special song has a life of its own. Niya's debut single "Goodbye," featuring Lostboycrow is one of those very special songs. Niya is a profound indigenous singer-songwriter from Maskêkosihk located on the Treaty 6 territory who is currently working toward her forthcoming debut EP, I am Summer. "Goodbye" is the first taste of the upcoming EP, and despite its name, is a beautiful introduction to Niya as an artist.

"Goodbye" is angelic. It carries with it a serene sense of ease that is wonderfully juxtaposed by its somber lyrical composition. The song came about during a fated writing session under a starlit night sky. Niya was kind enough to open up on how the song brought itself to life,

The night Lostboycrow and I wrote 'Goodbye' is one I will never forget. It was one of those moments you only see in movies and read in books, where the stars align, and everything just falls into place like how it's supposed to, it's almost as if 'Goodbye' wrote itself.

The effortless simplicity of creating "Goodbye" is a sentiment shared by Lostboycrow as well, sharing,

"The song 'Goodbye' appeared the night before we were supposed to record with Marø. As effortlessly as anything I've come to expect from her artistry and as simple as sitting down with my guitar, next to her and the beautiful chords she was already strumming on the ukulele. I don't think I've ever been part of a song that wanted to be written so quickly."


The feeling emanates outward from every second of "Goodbye." It's gently enveloping nature feels all-encompassing, as if you were present at the very moment Niya and Lostboycrow were crafting it. It manages to make heartbreak sound like a lover's gentle embrace, which is exactly what Niya was hoping to accomplish,

'Goodbye' is a heartbreak anthem with a feel-good sound, the lyrics about star-crossed lovers will have you feeling nostalgic over the one that got away, and I can't wait for you guys to hear it."

Therein lies the brilliance of Niya's artistry. She is a talent with a voice that resonates, bleeding with a sense of beauty regardless of the underlying subject matter. As Lostboycrow so eloquently put it,  

She is a storyteller. She is a smooth singer and the voice of a generation that needs her. I can't wait for the world to hear more of my friend Niya.

Take your first listen to "Goodbye" below and keep an eye out for I am Summer: