NoMBe’s Return Was Well Worth The “Wait”


Originality, sensuality, and depth are three of the most important dimensions of every song, and of an artist as a whole. They also happen to be three skills that LA-based singer/producer NoMBe masters with each and every release, the latest being no exception. After a year-long hiatus following the viral success of "California Girls" and "Miss Mirage," "Wait" offers fans an enticing preview of NoMBe's forthcoming debut album.

Backed by silky smooth guitar lines, "Wait" is a passionate piece about making the best of every moment with your romantic partner. Its intimate and trans-genre nature integrates flawlessly with what's en route on the full album, They Might've Even Loved Me. The record follows NoMBe's personal accounts of “love, sex, heartbreak & euphoria" with various women who have influenced his current identity, on which he expanded,

"I wouldn't know a better way to describe the relationships I've built with women throughout my life. Built, but also, at times, selfishly torn down and desperately tried to rebuild. Safe to say, love can make you crazy, like a jukebox that gets stuck on that one note you didn't want to hear again, but is now being drilled right into your head.

On the other hand, love is the lifeblood that flows through our civilization and therefore it is no wonder the majority of all modern era songs perpetually aim to reinterpret this subject.

So finally, after a year hiatus from releasing music, in which I've spent every waking second dedicated to this body of work, I couldn't be more proud to share its first iteration 'Wait' with you. This song spawns a new chapter for me and marks the release of my debut album, 'They Might've Even Loved Me,' a journey of love, sex, heartbreak & euphoria.

Over the next 10 months I'm giving you my entire album one story at a time. This is a promise from me to you. I gave my all to this and hope it brings you as much pleasure listening as it has given me creating!

Well, at least we know there's something we can look forward to in the next several months. Follow NoMBe for more.