NONONO Release Pumpin Blood App


Leave it to the Swedish to be totally innovative with the way they put out music. NONONO has announced an interactive app for their song Pumpin Blood (remixed by Wekeed). The app allows you to collage images and drawings taken on your iPad or iPhone (sorry non-Apple people), creating your own personalized “visual remix” to go along with their song that you can upload to a shared gallery. According to the app’s official description,

Your image will be transformed into a series of flashing lights, pulsating to the beat of your custom mix. Change the drawing to change the remix. Some pictures work brilliantly, some create unexpected results. 

We should note the app is being developed at Queen Mary University of London and is still in its early stages so it takes a while to get the hang of it - not that listening to music while playing around with photos on your phone isn’t something we do anyways! (So guilty). Check out the app here: