Norwegian Pop Princess Dagny Soars High on Love on New “Love You Like That”


Following the success of her 2016 Ultraviolet EP and hit 2017 singles "Wearing Nothing" and "More More More," rising Norwegian pop star Dagny has released an electrifying new track, "Love You Like That." Like a prism soaking up all the glorious light of a wonderfully unexpected deep love, "Love You Like That" reflects all the energy of a rainbow, none of which comes off more strongly than a pure, pure joy.

Dagny opens her new song speaking softly over a lone synth beat, "You hate that I usually don't open up… / With you close, I'm the happiest I ever was." Then the rest of the track kicks in as her voice gains intensity and floats higher. "I tend to avoid getting emotional / I'm not shutting you out, it's just the way I'm born / But I see myself next to you until we're old," are the next lyrics that set the stage for listeners to understand that this song is going to be a bold, unabashed statement coming from someone who has struggled with admitting honest feelings before.

Infectiously joyous and riding on the track's strong electro-pop beat, the booming chorus hits with all that Dagny really needs to say - "All I wanna say / is I got the real thing / and nothing else matters / I love you like that." Joking that she went from a girl who cautiously avoided "I love you's" in her music, to an artist who "just went and broke the 'amounts-of-I love you-in-one-song' record," Dagny is clearly embracing the overpowering effect of what seems to be a very real, pivotal love in her life.

The Norwegian artist revealed the sudden burst of creative energy that spurred "Love You Like That" to be brought to life:

"The song was written in Los Angeles with Jason Gill and Michelle Buzz. We started session at 11 in the morning, and got so excited about the track that we ran with it and didn’t finish writing and recording it until 4 am in the morning. My flight back to Europe left at 7:30 am-I knew this song was going to be a special one, and to me it is."

This latest pop anthem from the rising pop princess is definitely meant to blast while driving down the freeway or before a night out, and leaves us excited for whatever is next to come from the artist. But don't forget to take to heart Dagny's sage yet simple piece of advice behind the song - "If you love someone, you should tell them."

Through November 2017, you can catch Dagny live on THE LANY TOUR PART 2 presented by Ones To Watch. In the meantime, dance your heart out to "Love You Like That":