nothing,nowhere.’s “dread” Is a Heart-Rending Moment of Catharsis


Photo: Beach Fox

In the wake of a series of fatal overdoses from a number of young artists, including the tragic recent passing of hip-hop artist Mac Miller, nothing,nowhere.'s latest feels especially poignant. "dread," released following a series of canceled shows due to the Vermont native's ongoing battle with anxiety and depression, is as forthcoming a song as they come.

nothing,nowhere. is no stranger to crafting heart-rending amalgamations of late-stage emo and hip-hop that explore the human condition, often at its most broken and vulnerable. "dread" sees nothing,nowhere. opening up in vivid detail about his recent and current struggle with mental health. Referencing the cancelled tour and suicidal ideation, "dread" is as bleak as its title. By no means is that a slight against nothing,nowhere. or his message. In a time where prescription abuse is at its highest and mental health is popularly ignored, openly talking about such previously taboo subjects is more than necessary; it's urgent.

That is not to say that nothing,nowhere. is here to provide an answer or solution on "dread," nor does he need to. Music at its most fundamental level is there to provide a sense of catharsis, a place of escape. "dread" does this beautifully so in how vulnerable nothing,nowhere. allows himself to be. Singing then screaming the line "I want to know when the pain stops," the heart-aching sentiment is palpable. And while there may be no rainbow to be found at the end of the tunnel that is "dread," the journey through it certainly is one worth taking.

Listen to "dread" below:    

Catch nothing,nowhere. on tour this fall, and for more from the Vermont emo artist revisit our exclusive interview.