Nylo Gives R&B Voices A Run For Their $$$

Photo: SoundCloud 

By Ben Slavich

Four letters have emerged from the sulky voices that saturate the multitude of rising R&B artists – Nylo. Her voice glides across the soft tracks tantalizing the ear, and captivating the mind. Born in Chicago, but raised in Texas, Nylo was quick to journey to LA in hopes of capitalizing within the music mecca.

And she did.  

The release of her debut EP Memories Speak catapulted her from an unknown viral hopeful to a deal with Epic Records. The launch of her success came from the collaboration of both her musical forte and the support of established notable artists such as Nas and Mac Miller. Miller became so enthralled with the songtress that he chose to sample Nylo’s track “Someone Like You” in his most recent album. The poetic prose contextualized through song seduces the listener, giving Nylo the unique power of anticipation, which she has full heartedly taken advantage of. Nylo embodied the attitude of an R&B temptress by continuously tantalizing her fan base with melodic singles before finally dropping her latest mixtape Inidgo Summer. This tape graced the world once more with the sensually thrilling female sounds lost in the R&B genre, where sexualized male voices such as the Weeknd and Drizzy have become dominant. Furthermore, like a prophet of feminist romanticism, Nylo withholds crude explicatives from her seductive lyrics, and instead contextualizes her words within themes of longing, neglected feelings, and love lost – a relief against the obscene images flaunted in the recent popular Weeknd remix of “Or Nah” and “Drunk in Love.”

Within Indigo Summer a couple songs remain standouts among a mixtape littered with valedictorians. First and foremost lies Nylo’s ode to the glamorous Audrey Hepburn, which is beautifully executed on the track “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Nylo demonstrates her lyrical intellect by taking the listener through her emotional rollercoaster whose turns and twists are created and defined by words of longing remembrance. Throughout the mixtape Nylo leans on the emotional power of her experiences and the ability of her voice to convey, display, and permeate this power.

Nylo’s tracks ostentatiously produce a mixed range of emotions, but the strength within the music comes from the ability of the tracks to evolve upon further listening. The experience becomes one in which time illuminates and expands the full capacity of the music. Therefore, Nylo’s longevity has been already established, and it is up to her to create music that continues to evoke feelings and generate inspiration. We wait on the edge of our seat has she continues to abuse her anticipatory fan base with talks of dropping the next installment of her Indigo series, Indigo Rose.