NYLO’s Latest Single Tackles Issues of Mental Health and Self-Love

Renowned Chicago singer and producer, NYLO, has released a new electronically-charged single, "Time Changes Everything." NYLO, featured recently by ZHU, G-Eazy, and Mac Miller, is currently on an international tour with electronic singer songwriter SOHN. Despite her busy schedule, she continues to release progressively deeper and more insightful music. 

Although NYLO's older compositions are expertly produced, complete with booming drum tracks, pads, and clear vocals, her older music leans more on a poppy sound. In "Time Changes Everything," NYLO finds a more unique voice. The track falls more on the soft-electronic/R&B spectrum, and perhaps more importantly, she has shifted away from writing songs about the traditional romantic topics like in "Attention" and "Blame It on my X." In the new single, NYLO dares to deal with heavier topics, particularly mental health and self-love.

About her writing and motivations, she shared, 

"My longest battle in life has definitely been with mental health, my own and that of the people I love. I lost two of my classmates in one year to suicide, and my aunt to a murder/suicide, among other similar tragedies. The song, 'Time Changes Everything,' narrates a conversation from the perspective of the mind as it battles with the delicate duality of itself and reason. In those moments, I wish everyone a little bit of self-love, and a lot of time, as I truly believe both are massively underestimated miraculous resources for good."

The song's interesting samples, water dropping and coins falling, combined with NYLO's often introspective lyrics make it a clear stand out. NYLO is a great listen for any R&B and soft-electronic fans, or as she calls it "snowy R&B." 

Listen to "Time Changes Everything" below: