OK GO Debuts “The Writing’s on the Wall” Music Video

Alt-rock band, OK GO, has premiered its first music video "The Writing's on the Wall" from their upcoming album Hungry Ghosts, out October 17. For those of you who remember the treadmill video, the L.A.-via-Chicago musicians have set quite a high bar for themselves, which they duly raise with the visuals of this new video. As the soft melody (recalling The Cure circa Disintegration) builds, we see the four taking a playful stroll in a pictorial Brooklyn parking lot, with lots of tricky choreography involving mirrors and illusions involved. It is like an adult crayon commercial - and could probably take down Feist in a visual candy match against “1234.” Maybe.

A first listen of their upcoming album can be heard via their Upside Out EP, also out today, exhibiting the same sentimental theme graffiti-ed in the bouncy background of the video. Listen below.

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