Omar Apollo and Kenny Beats’ “Frío” Has the Makings of a Worldwide Hit


Photo: Erica Hernadez 

It is very hard to be cooler than Omar Apollo right now. The 21-year-old Mexican-American singer, producer, songwriter, guitarist, and heartthrob from Indiana is stealing hearts and breaking charts on a daily basis. Following up on the success of his 2019 release, Friends, the young man once again finds himself in the indie spotlight and has not disappointed. With a voice that flows like honey and a distinctive use of Spanglish, Apollo has a worldwide appeal and the talent to match it. 

Just last night, the brilliant man behind viral hit, "U Got Me," found himself making his late-night television debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers. As if this wasn't enough of a statement, Apollo went on to deliver a new single the following morning produced by the culture-pushing Kenny Beats. Woah Kenny. After collaborating with Dominic Fike for the hit "Phone Numbers," Kenny Beats has placed himself in the emerging indie scene yet again for the sure-to-be hit "Frío."

The track is delivered entirely in Spanish, a first for Apollo, and features a smooth bassline and very distinctive Latin-rooted drums. The claps in the production will have parties all over the world hitting the dancefloor. Gracing the very background of the track is a very smooth and gentle synth that builds throughout, complementing each drum hit and giving the track a sense of depth and texture. 

Along with the terrific production, Apollo delivers vocals that will have his already swooning fans struggling to breathe. With various local layers throughout, the track is delivered mostly in Apollo's chest register, giving it a powerful yet sensual feel. Right on queue, however, Apollo taps into his golden falsetto, creating a sense of yearning that parallels the theme and tone of the song.

The track is essentially one of heartbreak and loss, hence, "Frío," or cold. Apollo is describing the sensation of having a deep and powerful love, only to be left behind and tossed out in the cold. Although, with the bouncy claps and bass to match, the whole world will be dancing to the heartbreak. 

Before this morning, there was no way Apollo could make himself anymore attractive and cool. Yet, of course, he has found a way to do it again. With the growing success of Latin music, "Frío" is poised to be a bedroom and dancefloor hit all over the world. 

Listen to "Frío" below: