On the Brink: LA Duo Releases New Alt-Pop Single, “Honey”

Photo: Cyclical Creative

LA based alt-pop duo, the Brinks, made a name for themselves with their debut EP Temporary Love back in late-2015. The EP garnered attention from several independent music blogs and the title track earned nearly 30 million streams on Spotify. After an extensive tour in 2016, it's clear that The Brinks are back in the studio with their new release, "Honey."

"Honey" represents a sonic shift for the band, moving toward an even more electronic sound while still embracing their signature alt-pop soundscape. The duo, comprised of producer Matt Friedman and songwriter and vocalist Scott Mellis, combines captivating electronic instrumentation with a catchy pop vocal that tells a passionate story of rekindled love. Fans of the newer Imagine Dragons tracks, "Thunder" and "Believer," will not be disappointed by the new release.

Listen to "Honey" below.