Ones To Watch & Mama Lion Present Saja Sessions - Geoffroy

It is times like our last Saja that we feel so proud to give artist their first LA Debuts. Ones To Watch was graced with a live performance and interview with the Montreal-based experimental singer-songwriter. Geoffroy does it all; he writes, sings, produces, and puts on one hell of a show. The singer’s charm and passion are exhibited in the intricate, islandy beats accompanied by his silky smooth vocals. Each song has it’s own aura to it, making the listening experience ever so intriguing. Experiencing Geoffroy live is an awe-inspiring experience and had the whole Saja Sessions audience in a trance.

This year has been one to remember for the Canadian artist. While touring around Canada, performing his harmonic anthems to the masses, his performance at our Saja Sessions marks his first U.S. performance. His performances support his debut EP Coastline which was released in March, just in time for the sunny weather. Coastline blends all of the elements that make Geoffroy’s music so magical into a single project. The hit single “Sleeping on My Own” is a nostalgic, melodic song about the seemingly repetitious relationships that the singer indulges in that commonly end with him sleeping alone at night. The track’s production draws similarities to acclaimed artists like Odesza and Chet Faker. We love the idea of driving down the Pacific Coast Highway on a warm, fall night at sunset blasting dramatic, dream-like songs “As Long” and “Coastline”. The infectious grooves will turn anyone into a Geoffroy fan, as the music will accommodate the memorable experiences that are created while listening.

Check out what Geoffroy has to say about his rise to fame and what fans can anticipate in the future!