Ones To Watch Presents: All Eyes On Sylvan LaCue [Live Performance + Interview]

“Do you find true joy in what you do in this world and does it make you come alive?” That is the question that Miami rapper Sylvan LaCue left us with as he humbly shared tidbits of wisdom throughout the entire day we spent together. 

Following the success of his 2016 Far From Familiar album, LaCue’s Apologies In Advance re-introduces his ever-evolving mission of self-discovery and improvement, but also aims to share that forward-thinking mindset with friends and fans. Released in January 2018, Apologies In Advance is a 12-step program meant to “force people to look within themselves, in order to heal themselves.” Think alcoholics anonymous, but for emotional and mental health. By opening up about his own downfalls and vulnerabilities, LaCue spreads valuable truths with every word that comes out of his mouth. 

All Eyes On Sylvan LaCue as he performs “Best Me,” a standout from the record that focuses on overcoming superficiality and jealousy in order to truly discover yourself and your purpose.