Ones To Watch Presents: Beach Weather – “Someone’s Disaster” (Acoustic) + Q&A

While their band name and signature sound successfully encapsulate notions of laid back and carefree leisure, Beach Weather has been everything but idle as of late. 

The three-piece “fuzzy pop" band is currently prepping to head on a Ones To Watch tour with Against The Current AND unveil their sophomore EP, Chit Chat. As the anticipation builds for both, we are proud to present Beach Weather's stripped-down acoustic for their standout single, "Someone's Disaster."  

Watch the video above, read more in our Q&A below, and pre-order your copy of Chit Chat here.


OTW: What's the story behind "Someone's Disaster"? 

Nick: "Someone’s Disaster” is a different type of love song that I wanted to write. I liked the idea of two imperfect people falling for each other. Sort of like a Sid and Nancy type love story.

OTW: Is there a particular message or theme behind your Chit Chat EP?

Nick: There isn't real cohesive message or theme, per se. We just wanted to make some music that was fresh and a bit different than what is being made from a lot of bands these days. We had fun with what we were making and left no funky ideas in the dark, like saxophone solos!

OTW: What are you most excited for on the Against The Current tour?

Nick: We just had the pleasure of sharing a bus with them for two weeks on a sold out U.K./European tour, and we had a blast! We're really looking forward to getting back on the road with them. It’s gonna be fun to play more shows back here in the states for a month.

OTW: Describe your perfect live show.

Nick: A perfect show to me could be anywhere to anyone so long as everyone in the room is having a good time and celebrating music. I love the shows where everyone there is actually excited to be where they are and aren’t staring at their phones, sitting at the bar, or up in the back in the shadows with a grimace on their face.

Austin: My perfect live show would be a Saturday night, about 50 to 60 degrees outside, around 9pm at Madison Square Garden. Sold out. But the audience will be all different kinds of animals like giraffes, tigers, and monkeys etc.

OTW: Who are 3 artists on your Ones To Watch list & why?

Nick: I tend to be an old fart when it comes to music and stick to the classics, but every so often I find some newer (or at least newer to me) bands and artists that are doing something different I get super into. Right now those are probably The Japanese House, Warpaint and The Technicolors.

Austin: Kurt Vile, Cass McCombs, and The Technicolors. All great musicians. They deserve to be heard.