ORKID’s “NohNoh” Is an Instantly Timeless Pop Hit


One of the magical effects of pop music as a genre is how, through ingenious songwriting and structuring, it can make the most universally held sentiments feel larger than life itself. Swedish artist Orkid has delivered one of those grand, sweeping works of pop magic with her latest single "NohNoh."

By no means does "NohNoh," reinvent the wheel, but it does what every lasting pop should hope to do and then some. ORKID's layered vocals are captivating, simultaneously demonstrating a sense of pristine fragility and soulful strength. Backed by stunning electronic-infused production that swells to grand effect, the fusion of vocals and production give "NohNoh" an unmatched vibrancy. Every element on display here is brimming with piercing beauty, so much so that it feels like it's taking on a life of its own, and us, as the listener, are merely along for the ride. ORKID was kind enough to share with us what led to creating "NohNoh,"

"The vibe of the track basically wrote the song, it expressed something in the past, something that is final, over and done with. So, the melodies and the lyrics came very naturally. The inspiration came from moving on, and the freedom of when you've cut the strings. Something we all can relate to since nothing is permanent in life. We all move on at some point, whether it's from a relationship or a shitty job."

The idea of wanting to move on is a fairly universally held belief and translating that into a pop song that feels truly special is an undeniable feat. Like many a great pop songwriter before her, ORKID has transformed the commonplace into the sacred, delivering a sonic work of art that is equally worthy of critical praise and radio play. "NohNoh" is pop at its finest. On what ORKID hoped people could take away from "NohNoh," the Swedish artist shared the following,

"I think pretty much everyone can relate to the emotion of being fed up but at the same time being overwhelmed of the feeling of freedom, and freedom equals happiness. So, I hope it can help people move on, from whatever it is they are moving on from."

Listen to "NohNoh" below: