Oz Looks Depressing in Courtney Barnett’s New Video

Global warming's number one and two causes are carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emissions from burning gasoline for fuel. Humans are harming the earth's ecosystems in countless other ways. We're all guilty. Every one of us. 

These are just some of the points highlighted by Courtney Barnett's new video for "Kim's Caravan," which depicts a desolate, depressing Australia reaping the effects of environmental abuse. The insular metaphors for the human condition are countless and spelled out in Barnett's pricking, unforgettable lyricism. Here's what Barnett had to say about the song:

“Kim’s Caravan” is an apocalyptic tale of our world painted black with oil and soot, painted red with blood and greed. The song was born when blessed with time to reflect, feeling the frustration and helplessness of the destruction of my environment and the litter of humans within it. It was partly inspired by watching Black Rain Falls, a documentary about Midnight Oil’s concerts out the front of the Exxon building in NYC in 1990. 

 Check out the new video above!