Pale Waves Announces Debut Album With a Celebration of Young Love in “Eighteen”


Pale Waves makes the sort of music that time and time again surprises and amazes. The Manchester-based quartet first found its start following a chance encounter outside of a liquor store, which would inevitably turn the bedroom concept into a full, proper band. Since the band first exploded onto the scene in early 2017, they have consistently turned heads with their gothic-inspired aesthetic and shimmering brand of synth-laden, guitar-heavy dark pop. Their latest offering is no different.

A soaring testament to young love, "Eighteen" finds Pale Waves delving deep into their innate talent for crafting exuberant, stadium-bound music with a heart. Frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie muses on finding a kindred spirit with such powerful emotional intensity that it is difficult for it to not evoke an immediate, nostalgic response. Place that behind an array of meticulously placed electric guitars and '80s-reminiscent synths, and you have yourself a guaranteed hit. The phenomenal single brings with it more than just its fair share of surprises sonically; it also serves as the announcement of their highly-anticipated debut album.

The long-awaited debut, My Mind Makes Noises, which is due out September 14, marks a major moment for one of today's quickest rising acts. Channeling in on the happy/sad dynamic that made bands like The Cure and Joy Division famous, Pale Waves feels like its ushering in a much-needed revival of dark pop. As Baron-Gracie shared with NME regarding if the new material would sound similar to their previous work,

"You know, they're pretty similar but the album is more of like a Pale Waves world. So will have those sort of sad songs, but you will also have those banging singles."

We, for one, cannot wait to explore this forthcoming Pale Waves world, but until then, you can listen to "Eighteen" below: