Pale Waves’ “Noises” Is Buoyant Dark Pop at Its Finest


It's hard to believe that it was just last year when Pale Waves introduced the world to their angsty goth-pop sound with their debut track "There's a Honey," which now sits at nearly seven-million plays on Spotify alone. Seemingly overnight, the Manchester-based quartet has become a staple in the world of alt-pop. The band has come a long way since lead vocalist Heather Baron-Gracie first crossed paths with drummer Ciara Doran at a liquor store, leading to an unbreakable friendship and setting the foundation for Pale Waves. Bassist Charlie Wood and Guitarist Hugo Silvani were later added to the duo to complete the quartet and create the dreamy, dark pop sound they're becoming known for the world over.


Following the release of their first EP, All the Things I Never Said, earlier this year, Pale Waves still shows no signs of slowing down. The Machester-quartet return with "Noises," another old-school track tinged with '80s vibes and that same overcast yet buoyant pop sound. The track is littered with vintage guitar riffs and Baron-Gracie's distinct, commanding vocals. Pale Waves' ability to deliver their unique synth-laden, nostalgic sound, and have it continually feel as fresh as the first time we heard it, is likely why the band has blown up in just over a year's time.

Each song is a fresh burst of creativity, mixing their classic rockstar energy with a new-age, electro-pop sound. Looking back on the last year of successes, there's no telling where these four will end up in the year to come. Pale Waves' official debut album is expected to be released later this year, but until then you can jam out to the band's latest track "Noises" here: