Party Supplies For Your Next Party


Confession: I only recently watched The Virgin Suicides, which is like one of the quintessential cult movies about the suburbs from the 90’s. Consequentially, I have a really high affinity (read: slight obsession) for music that reminds me of growing up right now. I’m also a big fan of house party music that isn’t literally EDM house. 

That all said, there was never a more perfect time for Party Supplies to release their latest single, “4 More Months 2 Go,” because it is the anthem of all anthems for just that kind of party — one the millions thrown during an angsty generation’s angsty years. For any Talking Heads fans out there, rejoice, because… you’ll know why when you hear. 

It’s no surprise that this Brooklyn-based duo is heavily influenced by the alternative pop greats Peter Gabriel and Fleetwood Mac, who casually grace the top of their Influencers list on Facebook. Check out more Party Supplies music here