Pay What You Want For Run The Jewels' New Album

If you were having hangups about buying Run The Jewels’ upcoming album, we’ve got two pieces of information for you. The first is the duo’s new single, “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry,” which released today and showcases El-P and Killer Mike’s chemistry on full display, tag-teaming their verses with a cool confidence that spills over with energy and skillfulness. The MCs have also announced their album, which features collaborations with Rage Against the Machine and Travis Barker, will be released for free and also on sale on vinyl and digital on a “pay what you want for it” basis, meaning fans can donate whatever they want for the album. Read what they had to say in an interview with Wondering Sound below: 

We are releasing it for free, but we are also putting it up for sale on vinyl and CD and digital all at the same time. That's something that was really important to us for anybody that we were going to do the next record with, that they be cool with that. And they were, so for us that's just the way we wanted this shit. You can talk about it for hours, the business models of things and digital downloading and all that shit. But really, at the end of the day, it's just something that we want to do, what we think is the right move for us. And so for them to come in and invest in us and do it the right way, even with [our free download clause] being the case, it's a really cool thing and you gotta give them your ear.

Run The Jewels’ sophomore album RTJ2 is out on October 28 via Nas’s label Mass Appeal