Peach Tree Rascals, Yellow Days, María Isabel, and More Artists You Should Listen to Now | #NowWatching


Peach Tree Rascals are on the cover of #NowWatching

Another Friday means we are back with some of the best new music out there. While we continue to test the limits of how often is too often when it comes to Postmating coffee from down the street, we have compiled a host of new songs, spanning a host of genres.

From María Isabel's impeccable sophomore outing, Yellow Days' triumphant return, to Jak Bannon's heart-rending debut, all of this and more can be found on this week's #NowWatching playlist.  

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Peach Tree Rascals - "not ok"

Yellow Days - "Treat You Right"

María Isabel, Yeek - "Where Does the Love Go?"

Jak Bannon - "THE TRADE"

Oliver Malcolm - "Kevin"

Remi Wolf - "Photo ID"


WizTheMc - "For a Minute"

Bruno Major - "The Most Beautiful Thing"

Destiny Rogers - "Kickin’ Pushin'"

BLVTH - "I Don’t Wanna Be"

Mahalia - "BRB"

Mom Tudie - "2"


Kevin George - "Cut The Line"

Mishaal, Powfu - "Friends"

boylife - "bummy!"

Yung Lean - "Pikachu"

24kGoldn, Kaash Paige - "Unbelievable

Maddie Jay - "Lunch Break"

Alfie Templeman, Coach Party - "My Best Friend"

Alex Porat - "happy for you"

Sports Team - "Going Soft"

KIAN - "Every Hour"

snny - "Abidjan"

Christian Alexander - "Growing Up"

Leven Kali - "MADE 4 U"

Noah Kahan - "A Troubled Mind"

Benny Sings - "Sunny Afternoon"

serpentwithfeet - "A Comma"

Khruangbin - "Time (You and I)"

Rence, Chloe Lilac - "Type 2"

Chappell Roan - "Love Me Anyway"

Hinds - "Just Like Kids (Miau)"

Amber Mark - "1894"

Zanski - "Consequence"

Cailin Russo - "It’s Cool"

RIZ LA VIE - "She Said"

Joy Oladokun - "unwelcoming"

LION BABE - "Can’t Get Enough"

TOBi - "Holiday"

Del Water Gap - "Ode to a Conversation Stuck in Your Throat"

TeaMarrr, Raedio - "Temperature"

Dagny - "Somebody"

boyband - "realtree"

Quinn XCII - "Coffee"

Anson Seabra - "Hindenburg Lover"

Kota the Friend - "B.Q.E"

Charlie Powers - "Mouth"