Pet Fangs Gets Grungy with “Bitch, Baby” Live Video


Pet Fangs are chasing their single, “Bitch, Baby” with a live video. The New Orleans-based quartet falls under the garage-pop umbrella, and they specialize in bringing a grungy quality to both their sound and their visuals. Their falsetto harmonies are incredibly well executed, melting over funky guitar strums and rock chords alike. 

Pet Fangs has attitude that simply can’t be bought or faked, and they deliver their music with a full conviction that many artists are never able to reach. The lyrics, “I want you more than money” are simple yet powerful, and underscore the passion and honest talent that the band brings to their music.

Though Pet Fangs released a killer official video for “Bitch, Baby,” the live video might just be our favorite. Watch them both and decide for yourself!