Phé Shines with Soulful Prowess in ‘CRISIS’ Debut [PREMIERE]


Neo-soul R&B artist Phé shares her blissful EP, an eight-track release narrating the beginning and end of a relationship and everything in between. The singer, songwriter and producer known for her previous work as a backing vocalist for chart-topping acts such as Aloe Blacc, is now ready to tell her own story. With influences like Erykah Badu, Sade and Lauryn Hill, Phé is bringing back '90s R&B through a fresh, contemporary lens.

CRISIS is filled with lush dreamlike soundscapes, oozing with sass and heartfelt lyrics, leaving listeners enchanted by her soulful seduction. Phé has created an outlet to help others understand themselves and their experiences, through topics of love, heartbreak, female sexuality and sexual exploration. Opening up about her own experiences, Phé emphasizes that whatever you are going through, you are not alone. She said,

“The creation and release of this project has been a hugely cathartic process for me. At the time when I was writing it, I was in a really self-destructive mindset, which was manifesting itself in my behavior and the way I was treating my relationships. I got to a point where I either needed to make a change and choose to do better for myself or ignore my problems and continue traveling down a dark and painful path that would ultimately lead to my isolation and total loss of self. And while it was easy for me to keep getting that temporary fix, or finding ways to numb or avoid the pain I was feeling, I chose to change. I decided I was worth more than how I was treating myself. And from that 'Crisis' was born. While it tells a story of love and heartbreak, for me, it represents the moment I chose to take responsibility, fight for myself, and own my power rather than dwell in this space of fear and pain. I was blaming someone else for my pain and my problems, and 'Crisis' helped me to take back that power and truly start to heal."


CRISIS features tracks such as the feel-good love song, "Incredible," showcasing ambient synths and smokey melodies. Then there's "About Us," the ultimate anthem of self-empowerment in the process of looking back on a negative relationship and seeing it for what it really was. Showcasing honest vocals atop a distinctive blend of old school electronic sounds, the song portrays a classic vibe transporting you right back to the golden age of R&B. Another track, "Feel You," features sultry vocals, shimmering synths and a gentle drum beat. Detailing a relationship gone bad, it focuses on wanting to back to the way things were, if only for a brief moment.

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