Picture This Proves That Sometimes You Need More Than “One Drink” in New Video


Irish international phenomenon Picture This proves that getting over your emotions is as hard as it feels. The alternative rock/pop band provides a neon perspective with the video for their latest single "One Drink." Frontman Ryan Hennessy goes through a late night of coping with love lost and explores through what went wrong. "One Drink" ushers in a new wave for Picture This, as anticipation for their upcoming 2019 second album MDRN LV grows even more.

The single allows the band to further expand on their signature style, all while venturing into a new sonic pop territory. The alternative laid back vibe and pulsing back beat give "One Drink" the atmosphere it needs. It tells the story of accepting blame and living with the consequences. Hennessy's night is filled with nostalgic flashbacks of his former love. As he drinks more and more, the camera blurs along with his own vision, and he starts to see his ex all over. His mind begins to zero in on her, and she appears more frequently as he becomes more intoxicated. The camera lens acts as an extension of Hennessy's mental perspective, as we see what he is seeing, bright lights, blurred lines, and distorted reality. He then comes to terms with his pain through the lines, "It's the bottle, not my heart that I've been pouring." Picture This gives us their side of a break-up, and it isn't until the end of the video we see that maybe things aren't so one sided.

Picture This was the biggest selling band of both 2017 and 2018 in Ireland. Their 2017 self-titled debut album went triple-platinum in Ireland and held the #1 spot overall in the country for four weeks. The album topped the Streaming Chart for seven weeks and remained in the Top 5 since its release. Picture This concluded their standout 2017 with a sold-out UK and Ireland tour. In 2018, the guys teamed up with super producer, Jayson Dezuzlo, to record not just "One Drink" but also the rest of their 2019 follow up album MDRN LV which will release Feb. 15. Picture This is a band that delivers a soundtrack dedicated to everything from growing up, reminiscing, and falling in love. 2019 not only brings a new album from Picture This, but a whole new sound that's bound to enthrall old and new fans alike.

Watch "One Drink" Below: