PLAYLIST: 5 Rock Bands To Watch, According to Citizen Zero


Detroit-based rock band Citizen Zero, comprised of members Josh LeMay (vocals/guitar), Sammy Boller (lead guitar), John Dudley (drums), and Sam Collins (bass), broke out last August with their stellar debut, State of Mind.

Citizen Zero has earned notoriety for blending the edgy grunge attitude of the Stone Temple Pilots with the bluesy groove of Kings of Leon and the rock-infused energy of Kid Rock.

Now, in the midst of their first North American tour with Amaranthe and Failure Anthem, the four-piece band is sharing a playlist of effervescent tracks perfect for winter. They've shared a collection of favorites from the Highly Suspect song they listen to all the time on the road to the songs they picked up by the bands they've shared the stage with. Check it out below!

Red Sun Rising - "Amnesia"

We were fortunate enough to play a few shows with these guys this past December. They're an incredible live band and great people too. They're heading to the studio to work on a new album, but in the meantime check out their record Polyester Zeal. It's killer.

F. Patrick James - "Not The End"

If you've been to a show of ours recently, you may have partied with us and our friend Frank. He's been on the road helping us out, but he's finishing up his new record this year. The songs are amazing and John & Sammy are backing him up on drums and guitar on a lot of the tracks. Keep your eyes out in 2017!

Highly Suspect - "Little One"

We shared the stage with Highly Suspect the first time they played at the Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan. We've been big fans ever since. Their new record slams, and we listen to it all the time in the van.

Tripp'n'Dixie - "Forgotten"

We share a rehearsal space with these guys in Pontiac, Michigan, where we consistently get ourselves into trouble. We grew up playing shows together, and they still remain one of the best lives bands we've ever seen. This a favorite of ours called "Forgotten"

When All Is Lost - "Finders Seekers"

We played a show with this band in San Antonio last year and were blown away. They're young and have the spirit to go really far. They're working on their debut LP now with producer Brendon Hapgood, so stay tuned.