PREMIERE: Aidan Alexander’s “Yours” Is an Unrequited Love Letter Given Sonic Form


Photo: Raul Romo

Aidan Alexander inhabits many artistic forms, but his latest, and perhaps most honest, is that of a musician. The 18-year-old artist out of Los Angeles first showcased his ethereal vocal stylings in his debut single "I Don't Love You." And by no means was this a mere one-chance fluke. Today, Alexander returns with a glistening new single that sees him exploring unrequited love with a deft hand, as well as giving a glimpse into the future of his music as he works towards his debut project.

From the outset of "Yours," one thing is made readily apparent; this track is absolutely lovely. Opening on Alexander's otherworldly vocals that linger with a life of their own, it gives off the impression of being lighter than air, as if to mimic the weightlessness of being in love. The intense and overly joyous nature of falling in true, unadulterated love is echoed in the production, which surges forth at a moment's notice to envelop the listener in an array of heavenly, reverberant instrumentation. Alexander has sent out to give sonic form to the abstract feeling of love and has done so brilliantly, even if that feeling may be tinged with a drop of the melancholic. For "Yours" is not a straightforward love story, as Alexander was so kind to share with us,

"This song is deeply personal and about feeling completely enamored with someone who seems not to care. I wrote it when I was full to the brim with emotion and couldn't take it anymore. It's kind of me saying, 'This is how I feel, and I don't care how it makes me sound.' It’s like getting couples tattoos, but you’re the only one who gets one. To me, 'Yours,' is about feeling stained by someone, and knowing that you don’t have the power over them that they do you. It’s about feeling small, and then realizing that there is nothing wrong with loving too much. I remember I couldn’t write for weeks, I just had literally nothing of meaning to say, or if I did I couldn’t put it into words. I wrote 'Yours' in like an hour on a napkin in this café, because I suddenly got all of this inspiration and I wasn’t about to let it stop."

"Yours" sees Alexander more than stepping into his own as an artist but accomplishing what any great songwriter should aspire to - capturing feelings of intense happiness and sadness within the same space. If there is one thing further we could ask from this aspiring artist, it would be to not leave us waiting too long for more music.

Listen to "Yours" below: