PREMIERE: Alt Duo La Bouquet Recreate Pinback’s “Penelope” for Moody Visual


Remember Pinback's coveted track, "Penelope?" Something about the track is sweet and comforting, almost homey in a far-off indie way. Now, meet La Bouquet, LA-bred alternative duo with a longstanding history in the music game. After a successful bout of releases, La Bouquet brings a new, bass-bred cover of "Penelope" for their Sunshine Sessions series. As said by the band, 

"Sunshine Sessions is … a four part series that is not quite just a live performance, not quite a music video, not quite a clear cut narrative, but is most definitely an artistic story and journey led by the undertones of what is not being said more than what is."

The new track has a toned-down feel, a bit darker than its Pinback counterpart. With emo-esque vocals that intersect with bass notes reflective of a traditional R&B piece, the track fits La Bouquet's test for releases: "The Night Drive Test." As the duo confirmed, "If you can drive to a track late at night with the windows down smoking a cigarette, it passes the test."

After reconnecting on tour supporting Halsey - the two knew each other during their high school days - Bryan Sammis (former drummer for The Neighborhood) and Jake Lopez determined it was time to become an official duo. Taking handfuls of inspiration from the 80s, R&B music, and their post-punk history, the two created La Bouquet with one main goal in mind: "To evoke some sort of emotion." Their new rendition of "Penelope" and its visual counterpart did just that. Of the piece, the two gave more insight: 

"Collaboration has always been important to me, so when Morgan and Brent were up for getting together on these 'Sunshine Sessions' I knew our collective creative consciousnesses could come up with something special. 'Penelope' is a song we’ve all loved forever and is the perfect cherry to put on the top of this collaboration. Please enjoy our live and stripped down version." 

From the directors Morgan Freed and Brent Campanelli, 

"La Bouquet made our jobs too easy… Having already great aesthetic to work with and musical talent to back it. The best part about the filming the 'Sunshine Sessions' was hearing the stripped down versions of the EP for the first time on set while sound and cameras were rolling. It was a beautiful moment that made it hard not to smile. We wanted to create moments that were just as important without music by having long pauses in between songs keeping the whole tone of the piece very real and sometimes uncomfortable. Like life." 

With a moody setting, layered videography, and loads of flowers, watch the final installment of La Bouquet's Sunshine Sessions as they recreate "Penelope" below: