PREMIERE: Ambar Lucid’s “Eyes” Is Imbued With a Timeless, Magical Quality


It seems our prayers have been answered - Ambar Lucid has returned with a new mesmerizing, airy single. The 17-year-old self-taught artist first took the internet by storm with her breakout and official debut single, "A Letter to My Younger Self." A strikingly beautiful piece of lo-fi sonic art, which, like most of her work, was largely a product of daydreaming in her bedroom. It served as a brilliant introduction to Lucid's exquisite songwriting - a skill she lets shine even more in her latest single "Eyes."  

Her latest single "Eyes" further builds on her intrinsic talent for transforming bedroom pop into transcendent meditations on human emotion. The otherworldly track bleeds with passion as Lucid muses on love and the possibility of loss. The far-off spacey guitar could make the song alone, but the accompanying saxophone transports Lucid into a jazz lounge out of place in time. While only her second official single to date, to simply chalk Lucid up as a vastly talented bedroom artist would be a disservice. Behind it all, there is an undeniable timeless, magical quality to the music Lucid breathes into existence. With every gently uttered word, she exposes a part of herself, letting us further and further into the lucid dream that is "Eyes."


Lucid was kind enough to share a few words on the spellbinding track with us,

"I wrote 'Eyes' about a person in my life I love very much. This song is about how that person has allowed me to finally feel and see life in a different perspective instead of seeing it as depressing all the time. It's me saying that when I look into their eyes they make the world feel like a better place to be in."

A love song is nothing new. Yet, in a moving three minutes, Lucid makes the sentiment feel refreshing. It is a heart-rending testament to the empathy that underlies her vulnerable songwriting and the candidness of her artistry. A testament that will take the young rising artist to places far beyond daydreaming in her bedroom.

Take your first listen to "Eyes" below: