PREMIERE: Andrew Luce Delivers a Slow-Burning Dancefloor Hit in “LANTERNS”


A-Trak's independent record label Fool's Gold may have taken its namesake from a mineral often mistaken for gold, but it has undoubtedly struck upon real gold with their latest signee, Andrew Luce. The producing prodigy originally gained notoriety at the impressive age of 16 with his trap-injected remixes of Drake, the Weeknd, and Kid Cudi. Now the bay area wunderkind is back with a brand new project and its lead single, the dark and swooning title track "LANTERNS."

"LANTERNS" is an immediately enticing single from the outset. At no point does it prescribe itself to any of the commonplace conventions currently proliferating today's electronic music landscape. Rather, it actively defies such expectations. In "LANTERNS," Luce proves that it's not the beats per minute that serve to create a truly alluring dance track, it's the ingenuity found within the underlying production. With its slow-burning, funk-infused nature, Luce crafts a hit perfectly at home on a dimly-lit, pulsing dancefloor, or any dancefloor for that matter.


While Luce's inventive production efforts are more than worthy of applause, the sensual nature permeating "LANTERNS" wouldn't be possible without the longing vocal stylings of Someother. As for how Andrew Luce and Someother came together to bring the song to life, Luce was kind enough to share a few words with us,

"I started 'LANTERNS' after getting home on a random night and messing around with my guitar on a drum loop. The main hook just kind of poured out of me in about 15 minutes, but I couldn't decide what to do with it. Weeks later, Someother reached out to me via email as a fan asking for advice on a song he was working on. I was so enamored with his voice that I asked to work with him, and the idea he sent ended up being the hook for the track. His initial idea was much slower, but I had one of those moments where I realized it would shine a bit better as something more upbeat. I put his vocals on the instrumental I had been sitting on, and 'LANTERNS' was made. This is without a doubt my favorite song that I've put out to date."

It’s safe to say that "LANTERNS" has quickly become one of our favorite tracks here at Ones To Watch, as well. And as Andrew Luce gears up to release the remainder of his first multi-track original release, LANTERNS, this summer, it's a safe bet to say we'll be adding even more of Luce's work to our favorites.

Take your first listen to "LANTERNS" below and keep an eye out for Andrew Luce's LANTERNS due out June 7 via Fool's Gold Records: