PREMIERE: Anxiety is the Culprit on Von Sell’s New Single, “Scene of a Crime”


After the release of his debut EP, Brooklyn producer David Von Sell went on an involuntary medical hiatus due to unexpected and unexplained vocal discomfort. He spent time with family in Hamburg in order to rest and heal. This experience may have unintentionally launched the new era of his creative project known simply as Von Sell. Since returning to the studio, he has produced some of the most ambitious work of his career; his newest single takes debilitating apprehensions and churns them into sunny future beats.

In "Scene of a Crime," Von Sell sees love through a kaleidoscope of anxiety. His attachment to his partner wreaks havoc on his insecurities, making him feel simultaneously unloved and unworthy of it. Unsurprisingly, this line of thinking clashes with itself repeatedly, leading to a tangled mess: "It's not my fault, oh yes it is, oh no it's not, of course it is." He explained further,

“I ended up writing a song about being in love, yet being numb at the same time. A song that makes you dance but perhaps also reflect. I think I explore pretty much every fear I have here, of not being loved, of not being able to feel, of feeling too much…"

"Crime" will appear on Von Sell's forthcoming EP, Digital Sleep. It will also include the exuberant "Hell No" and of course its namesake single. The new release is a leap forward for the producer, stripping down the many saccharine elements on which he typically relies in order to narrow its focus. His innovative melodies thrive in the clarity, elevating the impact of his voice and lyrics.

Listen to "Scene of a Crime" here: