PREMIERE: Australian Singer GRAACE Self-Sabotages in“Last Night” Video


GRAACE is among the new age of Birdy’s; she makes emotional bangers with melodies that young girls can’t help but cover for their YouTube channels. The Australian singer is only 21, but her sound is confidently her own, heavy with harmonies and lyrically dark. 

She co-wrote and performed on Hayden James’s platinum single, “Numb,” which is sitting pretty at almost 34 million Spotify plays. Her latest single, “Last Night” was added to Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist and resonated with worldwide audiences. It contains the kind of honesty that most can’t even muster when completely alone, and the accompanying video is a romantically tragic display of GRAACE coming to terms with a guilty conscience.

GRAACE appears throughout the video in mundane settings, walking down city streets lined with flowered trees or from the top of bleachers. Her haunting vocals accompanied by shots of her singing directly into the camera bring goosebumps. While GRAACE might have the face of a model, she isn’t afraid to appear in her most vulnerable state–broken down and grappling with difficult truths from the comfort of her bed. She sings of a toxic relationship, belting out,

“And I blinded you ‘cause I loved your eyes

And I took your voice 'cause I loved to lie

And I weighed you down, so I learned to fly

Last night I made you cry”

Check out her upcoming Australian and US shows, and keep an eye out for GRAACE’s forthcoming debut EP SELF SABOTAGE, set for release in late October.