PREMIERE: Ayelle Warns Against Unrealistic Expectations in Sultry “Mad” Music Video


Ayelle is about to release the "Mad" music video, and it is dripping with soul. 

The Swedish-Iranian songwriter grew up all over Europe but continued to perfect her music while living in London. During this period of life, she was noticed by editorials such as Billboard, Hillydilly and Majestic Casual. She is a PRS (Performing Rights Society) "Women Make Music" grantee, aimed at supporting and breaking down assumptions about women in the industry. 

In "Mad," Ayelle ingeniously sings about challenging the status quo, questioning the power dynamic in relationships and exploring her experiences as a woman. Shot in Paris and directed by Rhys Davies, Ayelle's sultry style is showcased in her new music video for single "Mad." 

She expanded on the song,

"'Mad’ is about the type of love that feels all-consuming, the type in which you think you might lose yourself. As a society we have a tendency to glorify unhealthy relationships where we put unrealistic expectations on one another. This may come off as a romantic song, but I think I wrote it as a warning to myself."

The lighting changes just as the lyrics change connotation, while Ayelle gracefully dances during the chorus, catching the eye of the viewer. Ayelle expands on the meaning of the video,

"I wanted to communicate the bondage we experience when we fail to live up to each other’s expectations. The mannequin represents an impossible ideal of the perfect man, the type we’re taught to look for in fairytales, resulting in the glorifying of men often followed by disappointment."

"Mad" is decorated with percussion and spaced out piano keys, emphasizing the emotional elements of the song. The sonic attention to subtle detail is spotlighted by the complimentary simplicity of the music video. 

Watch the exclusive premiere of Ayelle's "Mad" music video below: