PREMIERE: Bay Ledges’ “I Remember” Is An Unforgettable Journey From Yesterday’s Heartbeat To Today’s Pulse

Summer is swiftly approaching, whether you're ready or not. As far as the music landscape is concerned, the next summer anthem is just waiting in the wings. If you're looking for something honeyed yet edgy but chill yet poignant, today's Ones to Watch exclusive is the one to fit that bill.

Let us re-introduce Los Angeles based siblings, Zach and Georgina Hurd. The two make up the distinctive alt-pop act Bay Ledges. In August 2017, the duo released their second EP of the year - the suitably titled Fountain Tropical. It had all the right fixings in a five-song indie-pop compilation with sparkling ambiances, springy bass lines, and tangible synth beats. Henceforth, after taking in all these glimmering vibes, you'd wish summer was the only season we had. Oh, and Zach and Georgina share vocal duties as well, with Georgina supplying a sharp, twangy vocal elegance to the track "Perfect" while Zach displaying much poise and composure on the songs he pilots.

Their first song of 2018 is "I Remember" - a halcyon tune ready to become the soundtrack to your new beginnings. And yes, new beginnings can happen more often than you think. The song elicits the perception of holding onto your youth, as it's a fleeting commodity. On the same ticket, the song examines a bygone romantic relationship that still somehow feels to be at the forefront of all things. Sound familiar? Don't worry, the winsome track offers crisp vibes and attractive beats that'll revitalize its listeners at every shift in sonic direction to set them on a brand new course themselves.

This is what Zach had to share with us about "I Remember:"

“I met with Miro Mackie at his studio in LA and we put the music together pretty quickly. We started with a drum sample and then I came up with a guitar riff that ended up being the backbone of the track…everything else, bass and synths, were fit in around it. Later, Georgia and I wrote the lyrics. She had a line, 'Saw you walking home with your best friend…' and it sounded like something you’d say when you were in middle school. We wanted the lyrics to take you back to that time but also to hint at the moment when that period ends.”

Bay Ledges is working on their follow-up EP set to be released in Fall 2018. Meanwhile, the band has a few festival appearances in place for this summer that includes, Taste of Randolph, Summerfest, Festival d'été de Quebec, Ottawa Blues Festival, and Kaaboo. Catch them in Los Angeles with Michael Blume on June 26 at The Peppermint Club. And if you love "I Remember" like we do, then watch out for the song's music video dropping on May 29.

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