PREMIERE: BAYLi Encourages Self-Adoration in Rom-Com Video “Out For Love”


Photo: David Weiner

"Out For Love" is the summer anthem that is truly as colorful as BAYLi's bright pink hair and as infectious as her charismatic personality. 

As a child, she found herself listening to rock, pop, hip hop and soul, which contributes to her punk-rock attitude and fierce melodic hooks. At 24 years old, native Brooklyn, New Yorker BAYLi has received praise from distinguished editorials like Rolling Stone, Complex and The FADER. Her music reaches various spectrums of the modern pop world, ranging from Spice Girls' pop to SZA-influenced smooth, empowered R&B. She continued to perfect her stunning performance skills with recent opening slots Topaz Jones and an upcoming show with Rayvn Lenae.

When "Out For Love" first fell into her lap, Justin Tranter, Sasha Sloan, and Alex Hope gave it to her as a demo. BAYLi explains her first impressions of the soon-to-be pop hit:

"I fell in love with it the very first time I heard it; from the psychedelic vocals to a strong, beautiful message championing love. Since day one I was like, 'I need to sing this in an arena.' It's not just the story behind the song that inspiring but the music beat goes crazy too! "

BAYLi's shared the genuine meaning behind "Out For Love,"

"This is my favorite video that I've done yet because it's feels like early 2000s teenage romcom. Is that weird? It's super poppy and playful. The narrative shows shots of my trying to get people to show me love and attention, but no one's looking, and it seems like no one wants to give me any love. Everyone is too distracted by what's on their phones or their work, and everyone else is taken. But you guys have to watch to see what happens in the end, whether BAYLi gets love or not."


Photo: Matthew Calvis

BAYLi recently announced her SUMMER mixtape, set to release on Aug. 31. We couldn't be more stoked for the sentimental debut about break-ups, love, struggles of being a new artist, parties, deep-rooted insecurities, and so much more.