PREMIERE: Beshken Captures The Beauty of Love In Jazz-Infused Single, “Nina”


In the world of emerging artists, it is highly imperative to stand out from the crowd–now more than ever. Beshken is a key example of such doing with his organic blend of various genres, discernibly genuine lyricism, and all-embracing mastery of the craft. Case in point: "Nina," the second single from his upcoming For Time is the Longest Distance Between Two People EP.

Opening with offbeat bass and robot-esque vocals juxtaposed with wholehearted lyrics about time spent apart from a loved one, Beshken moves swiftly into a saxophone-led breakdown that can make anyone fall in love twice over. The tone shifts as a delightful piano melody reminiscent of the classic jazz lounge lays the backdrop for Beshken's budding love story. We become fully immersed in the magic as he takes a moment to reflect, "The beauty that I found isn't real, or is it?" 

Beshken shared his inspiration for "Nina,"

Last summer I was in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend, Nina. I wrote this song after she visited me for a short week in July. We road tripped up to Big Sur and camped a thousand feet above the ocean. This period of time truly felt like a dream, and I wanted to capture that rare moment of pure bliss. 'Nina' is a love song without using the word 'love.'" 

Compared to the groovier, lighthearted "Roman Call," "Nina" signifies an eclectic musical selection to come on Beshken's forthcoming EP. Watch the NYC-based singer/producer create his digital-meets-organic soundscape at his upcoming tour dates below, and listen to "Nina" before its official release tomorrow, May 26.

DJ set @ Good Room BK, opening for Hayden James, 6/16: Tickets

EP Release Show (full setup) @ Sunnyvale BK, 7/20: Tickets