PREMIERE: Blithe Battles an Addiction to Love in “Bad Habit”


Photo: Francesca Allen

Battling addiction is not easy. It is a daily fight that no medicine can cure. Especially when that addiction is driven by a person, a never-ending cycle seems to take hold. Striving to be clean, Blithe admits to this lifestyle on her new song “Bad Habit.” 

Following her smash debut single “Mission,” “Bad Habit” is an edgy yet bubbly tune that’ll have you feeling tipsy on the popping beat and catchy chorus for days. Utilizing interesting samples and energetic production, the tune captures the essence of the toxic attachment one may feel for another person. Blithe constantly contradicts herself with lyrics like “I’m not faking, it’s called self-control” and “I just want you and nothing less.” These little rebuttals emulate the rush of being with someone you should distance yourself from. Commenting on the tune, Blithe remarks:

“I wrote ‘Bad Habit’ about addiction. It’s very personal and real to me but I wanted to make it playful. I’m the sort of person that will run back to bad things and people a million times in the name of love, even though I know it will end in destruction. I find foolishness in love all very romantic. One bad decision leads to another and that leads you back into the arms of someone you love and in the end it all falls apart and the cycle starts again.”

“Bad Habit” is a blatant disregard for the red flags of a relationship. Though Blithe puts a twist on a real encounter with addiction, she plays to the notion that one sip is all you need to be hooked. 

London-based pop artist Blithe is putting her own UK twist on the sounds of global influencers through her strong personality and fiery attitude. Growing up in a suburban town, Blithe moved to London at the age of 16 to make her dreams become a reality. After racking up over 170K Spotify streams on her first single “Mission” and an EP release on the horizon, Blithe is a pop star in the making you don’t want to miss out on discovering first.