PREMIERE: Briston Maroney Channels Jack White in “Under My Skin” Video


Maroney's newest single, "Under My Skin," is a hybrid of rock, folk and blues, clearly influenced by his time in Nashville and reminiscent of Jack White and Dawes – two artists that no singer/songwriter wouldn't mind being compared to. "Under My Skin" starts steady and builds into a chorus that gets louder and more aggressive as the lyrics grow into frustration – depicting a frustrated feeling that you just can't shake. Maroney's sharp and piercing vocals make the listener take a step back and check in with themselves, too.

Maroney has an impressive track record. His 2017 EP release, Big Shot, has garnered him a dedicated internet fan base (with help from his TV days, of course) and his Spotify streams are quickly approaching the one million mark. Two more EPs are on the books; Carnival will be released independently with two songs out via his label, and Normal Heights on CanvasBlack and Atlantic Records to follow.

Carnival speaks to the trials and tribulations that come with growing up, as Maroney shared,

"This record portrays how naive you are as a young person and how quickly you feel your innocence go. You start as one person and then you grow up faster than you ever imagine - and it's terrifying."

Watch the official video for "Under My Skin" below: