PREMIERE: Bronze Whale Displays Consistent Sonic Evolution with “One”


Photo Credit: @haggletheberg

With an infectious rhythm and groovy beats, Bronze Whale's brand new "One" will relax and excite you all at once. Over the past few years, we've watched Bronze Whale excel through various genres and sounds, creating remix after remix and collaborating with a variety of other artists. 

Benny Alley and Aaron Jaques, the men behind the music of Bronze Whale, have decided to try their hands at singing and songwriting with "One." Their first full length album titled The Shape of Things is set to drop at the end of 2018. Listeners can all agree that Bronze Whale took an amazing turn into piecing together electronic, hip-hop and indie elements with recent releases, including "One." 

"One" has a melody that is catchy and warm – It's a breath of fresh air as opposed to the standard electronic song with an intense drop. Bronze Whale commented on the making of their new track,

"One is a really good example of us finding a stride within our songwriting process. It was a one-day starter beat and by the next day, Benny was writing verses to it. The album itself is an even further testament to that idea. 4 years ago when we were writing 'War of Art,' we were blown away at how hard it was to complete a body of work, and this year we couldn’t be happier to feel comfortable in completing a full length album."

Bronze Whale dropped three singles in 2018, "Patterns," "Warm," and "Exposure" – all of which showcased a progression towards The Shape of Things. The smooth vocals and electronic beats signaled their evolution into a new entity, a fusion of slow yet upbeat electronic and alternative melodies.

The duo shared on their thought process,

"We've been heading down this path for a while. 'Patterns,' 'Gold Grain,' and 'Warm' represented the type of music we'd always envisioned, free from current trends or expectations or genres. The Shape of Things furthers this idea. Our take on music, who we want to be as musicians, and what's to come."

Bronze Whale represents one of the greatest phenomena in music: the constant evolution of artists over time. Listen to their new sound below: