PREMIERE: Brynn Elliot Reminds Us Not To Settle In Acoustic Video for “Might Not Like Me”


Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

We all have a competitive edge. It can bring out our strengths as much as our weaknesses. Brynn Elliott’s acoustic version of “Might Not Like Me” from her recent EP TIME OF OUR LIVES delivers a raw edge to this message, reminding us that our strengths are nothing to be sorry for. 

“Might Not Like Me” deconstructs the feeling of being blindsided by a break up. At the start, she sings, “You broke up with me / For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong.” The tune is Elliott pondering out loud; framing questions, reimagining scenarios and drawing probable conclusions. Jealousy and pride serve as crucial emotions throughout the song and are overwhelming factors that determine the lifespan of any relationship. She flat out states that if you feel inferior to girls that are stronger, faster, and smarter than yourself, then you may not like her. She is who she is and she will not compromise that for the sake of someone else’s judgements. Commenting on “Might Not Like Me,” Elliott said,

“While ‘Might Not Like Me’ is a girl power anthem, it is also a song that I wrote about a deeply personal experience when I decided not to live in fear of what other people thought of me. I am excited to share this new acoustic video that I hope provides a window into the rawness of that experience while also retaining the feeling of joy, triumph and empowerment.”

“Might Not Like Me” should remind everyone to never feel bad about your own personal achievements. Likewise, Elliott’s song is encouraging us to stop seeing our loved ones’ accomplishments as threatening, swallow our pride, and celebrate their milestones as much as our own.

Brynn Elliott isn’t one to keep her head low. She has her sights set on bigger and better things. Having graduated from Harvard University this past May with a degree in Philosophy, Elliot wrote pop songs in between her studies. She has toured extensively, including over 200 shows along side some notable artists, like Alanis Morissette, Brandi Carlile, and Grace Potter. Elliott’s music is certainly empowering and inspires the self-love we sometimes forget to give ourselves.