PREMIERE: Carly Paige and Fly By Midnight Form The Perfect Combination of Pop & Electronic in “I Feel It”

You can't help but compare Carly Paige to Selena Gomez in her new collaboration with Fly By Midnight. With fun, peppy melodies, "I Feel It" might become your next go-to feel-good anthem. 

After performing at major festivals like Firefly Festival and Panorama and opening up for Daya, Neon Trees, and Third Eye Blind, Fly By Midnight has really made a name for themselves as of late. This NYC-based retro-pop duo was formed by MTV's Dream Bigger reality star and multi-instrumentalist Justin Bryte and producer/writer Slavo. Carly Paige, on the other hand, has had writing credits on "If You're Hearing This" by Hook N Sling, Betty Who & Parson James, and "Touch" by 3LAU. 

Paige's fluid voice and Fly by Midnight's beats combine to form the perfect combination of pop and electronic. The song starts with electronic synths and Paige's beautiful voice in a lower tone, which slowly rises to Paige singing, "Then I feel it." Then we hear the raspy sensual male voice of Fly by Midnight, and the combination between Paige and FBM is electric. 

The partnership between Carly Paige and Fly By Midnight was brought about by chance, as Paige shared,

“I released my second single 'Babe' in May, and the guys reached out to me on Instagram saying they liked it. I randomly clicked on their page and checked out some of their videos and really loved their vibe. I messaged them back, and they said they'd be coming to LA for a show at the end of the month and that they'd love to get a write in while they were here. All I had free was the weekend, so we ended up getting together on a Sunday at 6pm and wrote for a few hours. It was super quick, super natural, and super fun. We had to be out of the studio by a certain time, so I threw down a quick vocal, and they ended up doing theirs back in New York. They called me a week or so later saying they wanted to release it, and here we are.”

Fly by Midnight commented on this partnership,

"So, we had heard Carly’s single 'Babe' right before playing a show in Florida and sent her a DM telling her we were fans. Before we knew it, we were in a writing room in LA together. Within a few hours and one food break (Fat Sals .. highly recommend), the song was written. 'I Feel It' is a track written around the push and pull feeling of temptation."

Indulge in the new collaboration here: