PREMIERE: Conditioner Makes A Strong Debut With “That’s Not Me”

A break up has never sounded so pleasant…

Right out of the gate, Los Angeles-based Conditioner have shown much promise with their debut single, "That's Not Me." The duo commented on their inspiration for the song,

“We are big Beach Boys fans, and 'That’s Not Me''s title is an homage to one of the more criminally overlooked tracks on Pet Sounds. It’s about acknowledging that you and someone you love are on different paths, and that you just don’t have it in you to change yourself to make it work–the music itself tries to capture the disappointment, disorientation, and fleeting moments of joy that accompany that realization.”

Aaron Kirkbride and Riley McCluskey of Conditioner realized their musical chemistry whilst in college on the east coast and quickly decided to assemble a band. As many college bands do, the guys naturally drifted apart in pursuit of desk-job careers following graduation. Several years later, Kirkbride and McCluskey reunited in Los Angeles and decided it was time to get back to what they loved. 

With "That's Not Me" quickly followed by their second single "Underwater," Conditioner have established a simple palette of electric guitar and keyboards to bring a modern flair to a classic sound.

Listen to "That's Not Me" below, and keep up with Conditioner here.