PREMIERE: Cumbia Punk Band Beach Goons Teach You How to Mosh in “Vatos Tristes” Video

To many throwing a house party is no easy venture – many of us worry if we have that many friends to invite let alone if they actually come through. Luckily, Cumbia/surf punk band Beach Goons didn’t need to worry about creating a wild night for their single, “Vatos Tristes.” Beach Goons cleverly link their love for making airtight pop songs with their Mexican heritage pride to create “Vatos Tristes,” a easy going pop-punk jam made for an overall good time (moshing included).

“Vatos Tristes” seemed like hours of music video prep but was thrown together last minute to create the true house concert vibe that the song so effortlessly exudes. Beach Goons is all about community and love, expressing that they’re from Logan Heights, a predominantly Mexican community. The guys blend together San Diego surf punk influences with that Cumbia edge to create genre-bending music that perfectly frames their lives and where they come from. The product is songs like “Vatos Tristes” that continue to surprise and enthrall listeners.

Beach Goons commented on the prep and overall turn out of the music video,

“When we decided we were going to do a music video, we wrote up the rough draft and figured out the scenes a few weeks beforehand but honestly, everything kind of just ended up being really last minute. Ultimately we decided to throw an actual house show; we got the house the day before we filmed and literally announced the shoot & show the day of on our Instagram story. We were surprised at the turnout, filling the backyard with a ton of kids and kind of threw out the script because the energy and turnout was just so overwhelming.  We knew whatever we filmed would look 100% authentic and raw.”

Beach Goons is the brainchild of Pablo Cervantez, the band’s vocalist, guitarist, and sole constant member. Starting out by just picking up instruments and experimenting, the band began to play wherever anyone would have them. As they grew, so did their sound, an evolution from the typical garage take on punk to something much smoother that would let their personalities break through.

Their no-rush mentality carried over to planning their newest album, hoodratcumbags, which the band took the better part of two years to get just right. They spent as much time as they could to create poignant examples of who exactly the Beach Goons are and what they express. Lead singer Cervantez says he feels “more confident writing and releasing songs than I ever have,” and listening to the album makes it noticeably clear.

“Vatos Tristes” is a perfect example of Beach Goons’ sheer excitement and sense of community, something that can be found throughout the entirety of hoodratcumbags.

Watch the video for “Vatos Tristes” here: