PREMIERE: Danelle Sandoval Gets Personal With Latest Chilled Out Track, “Say No”


LA native Danelle Sandoval is making a name for herself with a transfixing mix of laidback pop music infused with her experimental electronic touch. 

As she gears up for the release of her debut EP For Love, Sandoval has released “Say No,” a chill track she created with producer French Braids that features her silky vocals over those signature mellow beats. “Say No” is arguably Sandoval’s most introspective and emotional song yet, painting a picture of her internal battle over a particular relationship she struggled to let go of. Sandoval reflected on the meaning behind the song,

“I wrote it during a time when I couldn’t let go of a relationship I was recklessly reliant on. I knew that I needed to move on from it, but I didn’t know how to and really didn’t want to. I just kept going back to it. This song helped me confront my emotions and made me realize how consumed I was with loving someone.”

Though she didn’t officially begin releasing original music until 2016, Sandoval is hardly new to the music scene, and has been singing ever since she can remember. Her passion for music is deeply rooted in her childhood, as she began songwriting at age ten and playing guitar at age twelve. Influenced by the fond memories she holds of her Filipino mother playing music for her, as well as the hip-hop and R&B from her youth, Sandoval first began releasing music unofficially and performing covers on platforms like MySpace and Youtube.

Far from where she started, Danelle Sandoval has established herself as a polished pop star, and her airy voice layered over hypnotic electro-pop production is something we simply can’t get enough of. Listen to her latest single “Say No” here: