PREMIERE: Dua Lipa Songwriter Skyler Stonestreet Steps Into Her Own With Single & Video, “It Kinda Hurts”


Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Skyler Stonestreet has just released her second single, "It Kinda Hurts," accompanied by a 90s glam-filled music video. Featuring acoustic riffs, electronic beats, and sultry vocals, "It Kinda Hurts" is the perfect soundtrack  as we head into the fall season. 

The song addresses the mixed feelings brought upon after a breakup where both parties start seeing someone else. Stonestreet's breathy vocals complement the upbeat guitar and poppy tones as she sings about how even though they "haven't spoke for four years and four days," she still finds herself thinking about how their relationship made her feel. 

She expanded,

"This is a song about how emotions and connection don't just disappear because you've stopped dating someone. Sometimes people move on, or convince themselves they have, and it causes a lot of mixed feelings. I've been through this, and I know so many other people have.  Trying to be happy without someone when they are seemingly happy without you…kinda hurts."


The music video, directed by Jason Koffeman, shows Stonestreet driving a vintage car down the city streets at night, on her way to see an ex-lover. She is shown trying on different colored wigs and being accompanied by her new man, a blow-up doll sporting a mustache and a cowboy hat. Koffeman stated,

 "We wanted to make a video that tapped into that messy feeling Skyler is singing about. A love story for nobody and everyone all at once."

Stonestreet is best known for being a songwriter and vocalist on tracks including The Chainsmokers' "Kanye" and Dua Lipa's "IDGAF." Her songs have also been featured on TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, and Switched at Birth. Born in Las Vegas, Stonestreet moved to Los Angeles after graduating high school. After nearly a year of various medical tests, she was diagnosed with breast cancer at a frighteningly young age. She is cancer-free and rocking her short hairstyle as an inspiration to other young women. "[Breast cancer] doesn't define me," says Stonestreet, "But now I want to help other people who are going through it. And I want girls to know that they should feel okay in their own skin."

Watch the premiere for the "It Kinda Hurts" video below: