PREMIERE: EBEN Reflects on Heartbreak, Travel, and Life Over the ‘Past Hundred Days’


From the first moments of EBEN's Past Hundred Days, we are introduced to an artist who wields his craft with an unmatched sense of poise and an overarching sense of charisma that seems to come all too naturally. The project of 22-year-old singer and producer Eben Franckewitz, EBEN makes immaculately polished hip-hop flavored pop that begs for repeated listens. His sophomore project Past Hundred Days, premiering here today, sees EBEN taking leaps and bounds forward as an artist.

Chronicling EBEN's Past Hundred Days, where he experienced heartbreak, toured with Why Don't We, and experienced all the ups-and-downs that life brings with it, the EP is an introspective look into EBEN as an artist and human being. Despite being a reflective look into the past, at no point does the EP ever feel weighed down by its thematic components. In fact, it feels quite the opposite. Past Hundred Days is rife with anthemic moments that beautifully underscore the less than perfect realities of life.


The opening track "THATS ALRIGHT" sees EBEN facing his car getting burned down, late parking tickets, and plenty else with an unbridled sense of optimism. It's an effervescent, uplifting introduction to the newest iteration of EBEN - one who is actively taking life into his own two hands. The rest of the EP is filled with similar standout feel-amazing moments, including a particularly engrossing dancehall-evoking bout of production on "BACK TO US." That is not to say Past Hundred Days is without its sonic diversity. Each and every track, from The Weeknd - reminiscent "WHEN DID KNOW" to the hip-hop leaning "ROLL," feels unique while never sacrificing the project's overall sense of cohesion.

On Past Hundred Days, EBEN was kind enough to share a few words with us,

"The EP is my most honest project to date. I think of it as a status update on my life and where I am at this point. Just like my life over the past hundred days, this EP has its ups, down, and everything in between. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world… but I’ve also been privately dealing with heartbreak and working on my relationships with family and friends."

More than just a reflection of EBEN's Past Hundred Days, the EP feels like the synthesis of all of EBEN's artistic endeavors over the years crystalized into one single, spectacular project.  

Take your first listen to Past Hundred Days below: