PREMIERE: Elise LeGrow Reverses Time in “Going Back Where I Belong” Visual


Elise LeGrow storms the scene with her newest track, "Going Back Where I Belong." With a ravenous entrance, "Going Back Where I Belong" immediately reverses time. With a sound reminiscent to something out of the 50's or 60's, Elise LeGrow captured the catalog of Chicago's iconic Chess label wholeheartedly. Home to pioneers like Etta James, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry and others, Elise and her team thoughtfully captured the essence of the label while intertwining the here and now. With a voice full of the grit and soul that Etta James and Amy Whinehouse exemplify, Elise is quickly becoming the new classic.

Paired with a video that's just as moody as it is Old Hollywood, "Going Back Where I Belong" is just dripping with old school glamour. From the luxurious gowns that drape so effortlessly off Elise to her attitude-filled aura, she portrays a feminine-filled vulnerability that's both classy and dominating. Additionally, the shadowy and dim-lit setting is intoxicating, while Elise's makeup glimmers. With a look reminiscent of Anjelica Huston in the 1990 classic film The Witches, the vibe is very much mysterious and dark. Elise explains the approach: 

"I love the contrasting emotions in this song, the independent badass attitude and the vulnerability at the same time. All the best songs have those kinds of complexities. Dan LeMoyne, the director, did an amazing job creating this moody landscape that embodies those complex mood states and the compelling story behind them."

"Going Back Where I Belong" is fresh off of Elise's debut album, Playing Chess, produced by none other than S-Curve Records founder Steve Greenberg, R&B legend Betty Wright, and Mike Mangini - the same trio of Grammy-winners behind Joss Stone’s twelve-million selling Soul Sessions album. Born to a swinging Chicago jazz artist and drummer, it's no doubt that Elise would immobilize the era. Catch Elise perform her new album live at School Night! on March 26 in Los Angeles. You can find your tickets here.  

Prepare to be taken back in time with Elise LeGrow's new visual for "Going Back Where I Belong" below: